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Today, we are pleased to host an interview with Dr. Henry Abdo. Dr. Abdo is a seasoned banker, philanthropist and businessman. He sits on the board of directors of several multinational organizations, some of which are his own. He is the Chairman and founder of Titanium Capital Fund, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of American University of Europe (AUE).

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Dr. Abdo, in our previous interview, you’ve kindly presented and discussed your vision for the American University of Europe and it’s various facets as a global educational institution.

Today, we would like to expand the dialogue and discuss your brainchild, Titanium Capital Fund. What is it? What makes it special? What is the secret behind its remarkable success?

What is Titanium Capital Fund?
Titanium is a pioneering investment house registered in Florida in the United States and regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

We are an investor-centric company. For several years, Titanium has been operating and developing its investment platform that delivers zero risk investment with fixed guaranteed return regardless of market conditions.
How are you able to achieve that?

Titanium has carefully and diligently worked to create a zero risk, proprietary multi-faceted investment platform that skillfully uses micro-trades to fix returns irrespective of market conditions. This has ultimately resulted in the platform consistently producing higher than expected yields.

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Also, Titanium proprietary platform has been extensively tested, assessed and refined continuously for a period of five consecutive years before launching in August 2014. Having now been live for more than five years without registering a single monthly loss, the Fund is confident in its ability to produce the stated return. “We remain confident that our strategy will deliver the returns outlined, and our parent company (established in 2006) will underwrite not only your capital, but also the agreed annual return.”

The investment philosophy is not to speculate on fluctuating market prices but to trade within stable markets and take a small profit.

Titanium has extensive experience in constructing and managing high performance investment products, which are secure, safe and designed for the medium to long term.

What sets you apart from the competition?
We believe that we don’t have competition. We are the only investment house that can state with confidence that we guarantee the principle investment amount and we guarantee the return.

Through insight, analysis, support and collaboration, Titanium has created a dynamic strategy based on sustainable and balanced evolution, innovation and responsiveness with the aim of serving our investors by providing piece of mind, security and high return.

Additionally, Titanium has a world class team of accomplished directors, practitioners and managers with decades of global finance and management experience. The team enjoys considerable economic, philanthropic and social impact credentials.

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· Simplicity and transparency: we provide an investment vehicle with clarity and ease.
· Income Certainty: the rate is fixed and will not fluctuate with market conditions by way of adopting a very conservative and risk adverse investment policy.

· Independently audited and 100% of investment funds on deposit with leading America banks including Wells Fargo and Citibank.
· Above Average return rates, which are significantly higher than current bank deposit rates.
· Titanium fund is not confined to high net worth individuals. We permit engagement in the investment from $25,000 or equivalent.
We are continuously developing solutions and products to cater to the needs of our patrons, for example, the flowing programs have been praised by our investors for providing an ideal solution for families looking to secure college education for their children:

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The Education Program: an investor would place an investment amount ($25,000 or more) with us for their children. Profit would accumulate and by the time children turn 18, there will have sufficient funds to attend a college of their choice.
The Graduate Program: is an off-shoot of the Education Program intended to enable student to attend graduate school from funds available to the student.

Does Titanium have clients in Turkey?
Absolutely, Turkey is very important to us. Currently, we have upwards of 200 clients with varying investment levels and the potential is ever growing. We are very keen to expand our foothold in Turkey. Lately, we’ve witnessed an increasing number of sophisticated Turkish investors looking for ways to diversify their portfolio or to capitalize on a secured investment that provides steady income. Titanium is ideally positioned to provide the full spectrum of its services in Turkey.

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