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we are delighted to host this interview with Dr. Henry Abdo.

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Dr. Abdo is a seasoned banker, philanthropist and businessman. He sits on the board of directors of several multinational organizations, some of which are his own. He is the Chairman and founder of Titanium Capital Fund, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of American University of Europe (AUE) and a long list …
Dr. Abdo, We’ve learned about your big bank project in the USA.

What is the story behind it?
Following Titanium Capital Fund’s extraordinary success, and in response to the great demand from patrons and partners, we have decided to expand the circumference of opportunities for our clients by establishing an international financial institution headquartered in the US.

What would the name be?
Titanium Capital Bank. Have you applied for the license?
Indeed we have. Obtaining a banking license is an involved and a laborious undertaking. Fortunately, our application has been well received by the concerned regulatory authorities. Our exemplary performance at Titanium Capital Fund has served us well in this regard.


What were the reasons for starting a bank project?
As you know, our Board to Advisors is essentially a “think tank” comprising a host of internationally recognized scholars, baking practitioners, economists and financial expert, including Nobel Prize winners and Finance Ministers. We engage in periodic debates to analyze the state of affairs in various disciplines including banking.

We have decided to capitalize on our resources, abilities, and expertise and establish a bank that represents a transformation, vis-à-vis the span, the quality of services and the safety element.
Can you elaborate?
Sure, Nowadays, traditional banking institutions, regardless of their stature, size, or where located subscribe to certain policies which, sometimes, run contrary to clients’ interests. Serving policies for the sake of policies alone does not equate serving clients.

At Titanium Bank, we have decided to adopt policies and employ them in a manner consistent with clients’ interests and needs. Also, to provide a platform for clients, corporate and individuals, whereby they can exploit a wide range of possibilities and potentials, whether in micro finance, wealth management and financial planning for individuals, or payroll management, trade finance or hedge services for corporations.

The safety and security of the clients’ funds remains a priority. To this end, we have managed to secure a mechanism that allows us to benefit of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) such that depositor funds are 100% insured regardless of the deposit amount. This alone represents a true departure from the common insurance available with other banks, which varies from pennies in most of the world to 100k in Europe
This is a distinguishing factor that sets us apart from competition.

This sounds great. What else can you tell us about the Titanium Bank?
We aspire to establish a bank that represents a true “evolution” in the banking sector. Our bank constitution, governance and corporate structure are second to none.
That being said, we, as a full-fledged, multi-faceted commercial bank, have expanded our impact to include more involved commercial department, for example. We are connected by agreements with over 100 Chambers of Commerce across the globe. With the expertise of our trade finance practitioners, our credential to produce financial instruments, LCs, BGs, etc. and the spread that we enjoy makes us the bank of choice.
Titanium Bank will have all the departments and divisions that any clients would need to conduct business in any sector, and manage their funds seamlessly. Divisions and departments would include:

Private Banking, Trade Finance, Securities Trading, Treasury, FX, Bullion, Credit, Micro Credit, Islamic Finance & Banking.
Such services are provided with minimum fee structure to ease the burden on clients.
What are your thoughts on crypto currency and how this factor into your plan?
Despite unpredictable fluctuations, the sheer volume and the difference in types, crypto currency is becoming widespread and gaining popularity by the day as a medium of exchange. Naturally, we cannot turn a blind eye on crypto currency. This is a fact of life.
As for Titanium Bank, we are keeping a close watch on this sector awaiting the final word from the regulators. For now, however, we will maintain our responsive posture to any and all changes and react accordingly. Again, we would abide by the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities in this regard.

That said, I would like to point out that we have created our own asset-backed crypto token, which when launched, would have continually incremental weekly value.
What is your vision for Titanium Bank?
Well, it is more of a plan than a vision at this point.
We believe in the collaboration of efforts. For this reason, we have chosen a host of visionaries and entrepreneurs and business leaders as our partners. Our strategy placed emphasis on shareholders who would be willing to engage in, and actively contribute to the development of the bank.

For example, a shareholder owning, say 1% of the bank stock would be entitled to open a number of branches, or representative offices, as the case may be, in his or her own country, or possibly other countries. By so doing, we expand the presence of the bank, on one hand, and permit shareholder to, not only benefit from their original investment as shareholders, but also from the proceeds resulting from the business of the branches that they establish, on the other hand.

We firmly believe that Titanium Bank will, most assuredly, become among the most sought after banks in the world.

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